The preparation phase focused on three processes: the consolidation of the network of the project partners, the completion and adaptation of the project to the SEPIE resolution, and the evaluation by independent evaluators, as well as the approval of the logistic and practical agreements.


A01- Virtual bilateral meetings between the presidents or legal representatives of the participating organizations.

A02- Virtual bilateral meetings between project leaders.

A03- The latest partner agreements were closed, signed, updated, and adapted to the grant resolution.

A04- The chosen communication channels were enabled.


A05- The project planning was finalized and revised to adapt it to the grant resolution.

A06- The project schedule was agreed and finalized.

A07- The first contacts with collaborating entities -like nurseries, caregiver associations, professional associations, and entities of people with visual disabilities (ONCE, ERDF…)- were established.

A08- The training activities of the project were defined.


A09- Work committees were created and work plans begun to be developed.

A10- Biweekly or monthly virtual coordination meetings were held to begin discussing basic issues.

A11- The economic control and monitoring of the project was implemented.

A12- Good practice plans were developed to regulate behavior and mechanisms for resolving possible conflicts between partners.

A13- The graphic image of the project was created and the project website started to be developed:

A14- Participants involved in the development of the Intellectual Outputs were selected.

A15- Personal and activity insurances were contracted.

A16- Practical and logistical issues were agreed to be discussed in transnational meetings.

A17- Online training activities for prevention and good practices were carried out, in which entities composed of people with Albinism or Aniridia trained other members regarding their obstacles and barriers.

A18- An analysis of the educational needs for children with DVI was developed, with the collaboration of experts, family members, and associations of people with DVI from all over Europe.

This web platform is a result of the project: LOOKING OUT FOR A SCHOOL FOR ALL

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