The Virtual Training Course for Teachers: Inclusive Digitalization of Students with Low Vision in Primary and Secondary Education, is an e-learning course implemented in the Virtual Inclusive Education (VIE) platform that through an innovative methodology seeks to complement the training of primary and secondary teaching staff for the inclusion in equity of students with low vision as a result of albinism or aniridia.

This course have had an impact on different teaching communities in Europe, managing to put an end to the loneliness of the teacher and enhancing their training before the novelty that can mean having in their classroom students with special needs related to low or no vision caused by diseases such as albinism and aniridia.


This training initiative for teachers presents structured contents around different topics:

Objectives, competences, and methodology for the course
Understanding low vision
Low vision and rare diseases: Albinism and Aniridia
Educational needs derived from low vision
Guidelines to work with primary and secondary students with low vision
Actions of the educational center against low vision
Inclusion in equality within the classroom
The role of the teacher in inclusive learning in equality
The role of classmates in inclusive learning in equality
Other external factors that help the adaptation of visually impaired pupils to school life
Inclusion in equality through digitalization: Educational methodology
Inclusive virtual education: digitalization processes
Access and non-significant curricular adaptations for low vision
Creation of Didactic Programs adapted to low vision
Creating the Low Vision Lesson Plan
Inclusive evaluation
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