The project «SEEING THE INVISIBLE: Inclusive digitalization of students with low vision in school education» arises from the joint work of a wide European intersectoral network formed by social cooperatives expert in inclusive methodologies (REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS COOP. V.) and programming companies of virtual environments (SmallCodes Srl), associations of experts in low vision (the European Federation of Aniridia – ANIRIDIA EUROPE, ANIRIDIA NORWAY, ANIRIDIA ITALIA and Association to help people with Albinism – ALBA) and the schools themselves (the more than 14 schools that make up the GRETA DU VELAY network) from 4 countries (Spain, France, Italy and Norway).

Through a process of needs analysis where the students with low vision of the participating social entities and their teachers, identified not only their needs but also made proposals for tools and resources that they would like to have in their classroom, not only the purpose of the project was determined, but also the specific objectives that satisfied the needs detected.

Thus, SEEING THE INVISIBLE was born with the aim of providing the teacher of students with low vision everything necessary to alleviate all the needs that the teacher will face to teach in primary or secondary classrooms with students with low vision in the new international panorama.

We want to offer the teacher everything they need to ensure that any school education student with low vision achieves full inclusion in the classroom and educational success regardless of whether teaching is face-to-face or virtual. It also provides confidence, security and tranquility to face the hard times that the teacher is living. But also facilitate the inclusion of the student in their local community, making it more inclusive and sensitive to low vision. Specifically, we want to achieve:

Provide specific training for teachers about low vision.

Promote an inclusive, innovative, adapted and attractive school education for students.

Facilitate the use of adapted digital materials that facilitate the teaching action.

Promote the active participation of experts, doctors and families of school students with low vision in the work of teachers.

Sensitize the educational community of the importance of adapting schools to people with low vision.

Generate synergies between school education (both early childhood and higher education), training and youth.


It allowed us to generate the stages for the analysis of needs of both the students with low vision and teachers after the appearance of COVID-19 to design a series of activities aimed at generating the logical framework of the project.


The preparation allowed us to carry out the stages for the final concretion of the project and carrying out the logistical aspects for the selection and training of participants and for the presentation and visibility of the project


It includes the stages for the coordination of the implementation, the visibility, the development and evaluation of the results, preparation of dissemination, evaluation, and hold the Transnational Meetings.


The dissemination and visibility allows the partners allowed the partners to spread the project and the results. Also it promotes the use of its results through activities aimed at the most appropriate multiplier, so that the materials achieved a great impact on beneficiaries.


The monitoring phase groups together the sustainability of the network, the internal and external dissemination, the evaluation of the impact on target groups, the monitoring phase, and the final evaluation and.


In order to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project, tools adapted to the needs of teachers and students with low vision are being developed in different training modalities (face-to-face / blended / distance):  


It will be an innovative and unique application for distance education through the mobile of any subject in the school environment adapted to low vision through powerful tools for the creation of virtual classrooms and didactic units. This app will help the teacher through innovative and unique tools for the design and creation of study sessions adapted with the collaboration of experts in low vision and tutored processes that guide the teacher.


This output is a curricular proposal capable of promoting methodologies and pedagogies that allow the participation in equity of students with low vision in the classroom, as well as showing teachers the less obvious consequences of RARE diseases and how to face them favoring methods adapted to the three teaching modalities.

It includes a specific course based on the curricular proposal.                   


This output is a set of resources that will also reinforce the inclusive digitalization of face-to-face education, especially for students with visual deficits.

They will have a flexible format that will allow them to work online through computers, tablets, mobiles, but also of-line for those centers that do not yet have sufficient resources or digital equipment.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein



This web platform is a result of the project: SEEING THE INVISIBLE

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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